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Numbers Don't Lie



6,300+ kgs

Weight lost

9,958+ cms

Waist reduction


% of body weight lost

Fat loss is just the side effect, hear the stories from real people who saw real results......

"D9 has really been a catalyst for fixing my relationship with food and the choices I make on a daily basis and in various circumstances. I now feel like I have a better grip on how to use nutrition as a tool to aid me in getting my body to where I want it to be"

"Getting past 40 years, my waistline and being above the recommended weight by more than 10kgs kept bugging me. .....Several myths I had developed over a period of time about food vs workout vs sleep were broken within a couple of weeks into the program. I developed the right approach towards eating and firmly staying away from my prior junk binges (mainly in the evenings). Never did I feel tired nor other associated "expected" effects of being in a fat loss program. Post 6 weeks I am 7-8 kgs down, dropped few cms in waistline, but more importantly don't have the urge to binge. D9 gave me a holistic approach to a healthy living."

"Daily 9 has had a very positive impact on my overall lifestyle and it has indirectly improved my performance at work . No more mid afternoon energy crashes and tiredness in the evening. Sustained energy levels through the day is an intangible benefit that was pleasantly surprising."

"I'm not the kind of person who diets. I hate the idea of restricting food/food types and I used to always laugh at people who did. But I've also struggled with weight loss (i.e Fat loss) for as long as I can remember. Despite working out, I rarely ever saw a change on the weighing scale or in inches. (except the one time I got a personal trainer in the US before I was getting married).  The D9 has been great because it is been the first diet I felt I could actually sustain."

"D9 has given me renewed confidence & made me believe that things that you thought weren't possible are actually possible. Despite being physically fit, I've always had issues with lower belly and hard fat deposited over years, and thought I could never lose it. D9 proved me wrong. It is wonderful to see how pants fit so well now, how the waistline has reduced and overall flexibility improved. This was just aesthetic and more a side effect of the overall goodness that I experienced."

"I lost some 5 cms and 4 kgs. which is great. but what is better is that i feel i have unleashed the person who was living inside me who is probably a more fitter, faster, fun-loving guy."

"Never thought gamifying health and fitness will be this fun despite being this scientific."

"D9 has been a savior. I have tried other apps but nothing has come close to this. Very simple and easy to understand and implement without any fuss or using negative psychology."

See how your health benefits.

Reduced risk of lifestyle diseases

Even a 5% drop in weight can help significantly lower the risks of developing many of the chronic diseases associated with excess weight, including:[2]

Type 2 diabetes


Coronary heart disease

"[2] Pasanisi F, Contaldo F, de Simone G, Mancini M. Benefits of sustained moderate weight loss in obesity. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2001 Dec;11(6):401-6."

Sustainable weight loss

Within 10 weeks, the average D9 participant loses a meaningful amount of weight, as follows:[1]

3.80% of starting body weight

3.1 kgs weight loss

4.7 cms reduction in waist

A large number of participants lost well over 5% of body weight with some losing as high as 10%.

[1]Based on pilots carried out with different groups over 2016, 2017 & 2018.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"
- Albert Einstein

We will be launching an invite-only pilot for a D9 Fat Loss Challenge starting in Jan 2019. Type your email below. We'll get in touch soon with more details on timing, pricing etc.

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