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Hello! You can read more about our two co-founders (Kannan & Arvind) and our Senior Scientific & Medical Advisor (Shumone) here. We've also linked to other places where you can find out more about us :)

Meet the D9 team

Kannan Raman

Kannan is the CEO & co-founder of the D9.

Kannan's interest in training and nutrition stems from his younger days when he struggled with frequent illness but had to manage that while competing at table tennis, tennis, badminton and karate.  He believes in using cutting edge-tech to help people see maximum benefits from small meaningful changes and without having to turn their life upside down. Kannan has been working with a number of people to help them make the transition to a science-based & common sense way of eating that works for them. He's pleased to report that his approach appears to work with his 6 and 9 yr old sons too! (with whom you will find him monkeying around town in his free time).

His credentials are:

Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Behaviour Change Specialist (American Council on Exercise, USA).

Alumni of the Cambridge Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition, NnedPro UK.

Member of the Nutrition Society, UK.

Member of the Global Innovation Panel for NNEdPro, UK, a nutrition think-tank with global reach, based in Cambridge, UK.

Arvind Ashok

Arvind is Chief Product Officer & co-founder of the D9.

Being the most unfit kid on his sports teams, and while discreetly piling on the kilos over the years, Arvind’s frustration towards achieving a fitter life had led him to (like many others) go down the traditional paths of “weight loss”, only to see no results. Finally, not only did he find the right path, but more importantly also found fun and passion in the process. And this is the philosophy he preaches to his clients and followers, helping them find their path to sustainable, life-long fitness and health.

His credentials are:

One of two founders of The Quad, a premier fitness company in Chennai, India (

Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

High School Strength Coach,International Youth Conditioning Association, USA.

Professor Sumantra Ray

Sumantra (Shumone) Ray is Senior Scientific & Medical Advisor to the D9; based in Cambridge, UK.

His credentials are:

Licensed Medical Doctoras well as a Registered Nutritionist.

Senior Clinical Tutor at the Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine.

Visiting Professor in the School of Public Health at Imperial College, London.

Founding Co-Chair of British Medical Journal for Nutrition, Prevention and Health.

You can read more about Shumone at

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
- Jim Rohn

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