10 proven ways to lose weight without exercise

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Coach Shivani
January 10,2023

Obesity is a common concern among men and women. Being overweight can increase the chances of developing numerous health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, respiratory problems, and cardiovascular diseases. Maintaining a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI) according to your body type is essential to living a happier and healthier life. You will come across different diet plans and exercises to shed extra kilos of body fat. Sticking to regular exercises and diet plans can take time and effort in your weight loss journey. Most people ask, how to lose weight without exercise and diet?

The answer is yes; you can attain a healthier body weight without strenuous workouts and diet plans. Please continue reading about the ten proven ways to reduce weight without exercise and diet.

how to lose weight without exercise

10 proven ways to lose weight without exercise or going on a diet

1. Chew well and eat slowly

Many people tend to eat fast and carelessly, which can result in weight gain and other digestive problems. Eating slowly and chewing well is the best way to shed stubborn fat without exercise or diet.

Your calorie intake and appetite are controlled and regulated by some certain hormones in your body. For example, when you eat, your gut releases a hormone called ghrelin. The fullness hormones released by your stomach help your brain reduce your appetite and make you feel full.

Your gut takes almost 20 minutes to notify your brain that you have eaten. Eating slowly gives your brain enough time to receive these signals from the hormones and give you that feeling of fullness which helps you stop eating.

Some studies also highlight that eating slowly and chewing your food can decrease calorie intake. It increases the levels of gut hormones, making your stomach feel full and reducing the calorie intake.

In another study, experts asked 45 people to eat pizza while chewing at different rates. This research revealed that calorie intake decreased by 15% when people chewed the pizza twice than usual and by 9.5% when they chewed 1.5 times the average rate. So in either case, chewing food well reduced the calorie intake.

In addition to helping in weight loss, eating slowly and chewing well can give some additional benefits, such as;

  • Reduced stress levels from eating mindfully.
  • Improved digestion from chewing the food well.
  • Better absorbent of nutrients.

You can set a timer in your kitchen to maintain a consistent and slow pace while eating. Aim for 20 minutes to finish a meal. More time is of course ok!

2. Use smaller plates

Using smaller plates is another reliable way to lose weight without exercise. Choosing smaller plates and containers is helpful in terms of weight loss.


You will only be able to put a small amount of food on a small plate, decreasing calorie intake without you having to think about it.


Before discussing how smaller plates can help in weight loss, first, we’ll dive into the topic of calorie intake. Numerous studies reveal that we eat 92% of what we have in front of us during a meal. It means you can significantly lessen your calorie intake by limiting the size of your plate and how much you serve yourself.

Choosing smaller serving plates can have long-term benefits for weight loss. With time, your body will become accustomed to these smaller portions of calories, allowing your stomach to shrink and aid you in your weight loss journey.

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3. Store unhealthy foods out of sight

Some studies reveal that storing unhealthy foods/snacks (like chips or sugary cereals) where you can see them increases your appetite and results in weight gain. In contrast, storing high-carb foods inside your cabinets or closets (where you cannot see them) can help you avoid them as much as possible.


Another study showed that people who keep high-carb foods (like biscuits) visible in their homes are more likely to gain some extra kilos than those who stored unhealthy foods out of sight.


The best way to lose weight without exercise or going on a diet is to keep junk foods such as sodas, sweets, and other starchy items in your cupboards so they are less likely to catch your attention when you’re hungry. Equally, keep healthier options like fruits where you can see them and you will be reminded to eat them more often.

4. Drink water throughout the day & before meals

People who can’t stick with extensive workouts often ask, how to lose weight without exercise and diet? Yes, you can achieve your weight loss and fitness goals by drinking enough water throughout the day and before meals.

Drinking water regularly throughout the day can help improve your body and burn more calories. A study showed that drinking 34 oz of water (1 liter) per day for 12 months can help reduce 2 kg of your body weight irrespective of diet or exercise.


Drinking water before meals can also help you lose weight naturally.


This practice suppresses your appetite, making you feel fuller earlier. A study highlighted that drinking water before meals could help reduce your calorie intake by 13% of the normal.

Drinking water instead of starchy and high-carb beverages (like sugary soda) is an excellent approach to reducing and maintaining body weight without exercise and special diets. You can start this practice by adding 1 cup of water before your meals.

5. Eat protein with every meal

Protein is vital for weight loss and making your body healthier. Eating a portion of protein with every meal can boost your metabolism, stimulate weight-regulating hormones and reduce your body weight.

Your brain regulates your appetite and weight and the hormones sending signals to your brain change continuously when you eat. Having sufficient protein with every meal can help your gut suppress the levels of hunger hormones while increasing the levels of satiety (appetite-reducing) hormones.


A higher protein intake with every meal can help your body reduce hunger hormones, making you feel fuller for longer and reducing your calorie intake.


After you eat, the thermic effect of food utilizes some calories to digest and metabolize your food. In simple terms, your body needs more energy to digest protein than other foods. Studies highlight that protein can increase the thermic impact of your body by 20 to 30% compared to fats and carbs. If protein intake increases the thermic effect of food in your body by 30%, it means only 70% of the calories end up being usable by your body (or get stored as fat).

You can add the following protein-enriched foods to your daily meals to boost your metabolism and reduce body weight;

  • Chickpeas, kidney beans, and lentils
  • Paneer, greek yogurt, cheese, and milk
  • Eggs with yolk
  • Sea food
  • Chicken and lean meats

Protein intake with every meal not only helps reduce body weight but also prevents metabolic slowdown and muscle loss.

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how to lose weight without exercise

6. Eat 2 Fruits Daily

Eating two fruits daily is a healthy choice to provide your body with essential nutrients. They can also help you in natural weight loss when you use them as mid-day or evening snacks.


The sweetness of fruits helps you cut down on sugary food items while satisfying your sweet cravings.


You can add the following fruits to your daily routine to shed some extra weight naturally:

  • Apple
  • Grapefruit
  • Berries
  • Avocado
  • Kiwifruit
  • Melons
  • Oranges
  • Stone fruits such as plums and peaches

Some fruits like melon and berries are high in water content, which is essential in natural weight loss. They are also rich sources of fiber that can make you feel full, reducing your calorie intake. Some studies reveal that higher fiber intake can help people reduce weight more effectively and stick to dietary recommendations.

A bowl of fruit like apples and melon as your mid-day or evening snack can help satisfy your stomach’s cravings while cutting down on high-carb foods.

7. Eat without distractions

Distracted or mindless eating is when you eat without thinking.


It includes grabbing a snack every time you enter the kitchen, eating a bag of chips when watching your favorite Netflix show, and therefore end up eating more than you should.


Easting with a distraction is the prime factor resulting in weight gain because you’re focusing on something else without thinking about how much and what you’re eating. You tend to eat some high-carb foods or drink sodas, which can result in increased body weight.

Eating without distractions helps you better understand your body’s needs. For example, you can pick healthy foods, eat less, and sense when you’re getting fuller, eventually resulting in reduced body weight.

Some studies highlight that eating with distractions can result in you eating 25% more calories than those who eat mindfully. This might seem small by itself, but eating 25% more every day for years adds up to a lot of extra calories and weight.

8. Get 7 hours of sleep daily

Losing weight without exercise and diet plans can be challenging. But getting 7 hrs of peaceful sleep can aid you in shedding some extra pounds. Several potential links highlight that poor sleep quality can increase weight and body mass index (BMI).

Poor and restricted sleep can result in metabolic disorders, some chronic health conditions, and an increased risk of obesity. Most of us think hunger cravings are just a matter of stomach grumbling, but the process is controlled and regulated by some specific hormones.

Lack of proper sleep may disturb the production of these hormones in your body, resulting in more cravings and more calorie consumption. Research shows that poor sleep quality and sleep deprivation could change food preferences. People who don’t get a peaceful sleep of 7 hrs tend to choose foods high in carbohydrates and calories to fulfill their cravings.

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9. Don’t use food to deal with stress; find other ways, like exercise

Most of us tend to eat unhealthy snacks or foods as a way of dealing with stress, resulting in increased body weight over time. Stress has become a common concern for many people. Chronic and acute stress can significantly impact your mental and physical health. It also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Try avoiding unhealthy snacks to deal with stress and find some other effective ways, such as;

  • Simple exercises
  • Take a long walk while listening to your favorite podcast
  • Play with children and pets
  • Get a hair treatment, or apply a face mask or body scrub to melt stress away.
  • Massage with essential oils
  • Read your favorite book

These are the most straightforward practices you can implement in your daily routine to melt away chronic stress without having to deal with increased body weight.

10. Weigh yourself each week

Weighing yourself each week is another proven approach to losing weight without exercise or diet. It helps you stay motivated and adopt healthier habits to fight back. Weighing yourself each week enables you to keep on track and follow dietary recommendations to see the scale move on your weighing machine.


The simple act of tracking your weight helps you be more mindful of what you are eating and making better choices on a consistent basis.


You can follow some tips to get the most accurate readings on the scale;

  • Weigh yourself in the morning
  • Wear simple and light clothes
  • Use the bathroom before you weigh yourself
  • Place your scale on a flat and hard surface


People often think they can only achieve and maintain a healthier weight and BMI with intensive workouts and hard-to-follow diet plans. But some simple lifestyle habits can help you shed extra kilos and live healthier lives. You can prioritize smaller serving plates, eat two fruits daily, increase your protein intake and get 7hrs of sleep to lose weight naturally.

Use the ideas in this article to move towards a healthier lifestyle and reach your target weight in a planned way. In the Daily9 weight loss program, we focus on 9 such habits that cover diet, exercise and sleep. Together, you will lose weight without feeling like you are on a diet or having to do any strenuous exercise. Weight loss that you achieve in this way is healthy and lasts in the long term.

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