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5-6kgsaverage weight
loss in 3 months


3-5 inchesaverage inch
loss in 3 months


90%+saw rise in energy & better digestion


95%+felt Daily9 was easy to follow for the long term

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App Overview

Health coaching that lasts a lifetime

At Daily9, we show you how to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you. By combining a
balanced diet with proven exercise & sleep habits.

We’ll help you stay motivated and show you that a healthy lifestyle can be fun.

Health Coach in your pocket

Advanced tools, expert help and in-depth analysis to help you build healthy habits for life.

True Success Stories

I lost 8kgs and also 19 cms in the process! That was amazing and what looked so tough was made to look so easy by the coaches!

Ravee Tittei

Meet our Coaches


ArvindNutrition & Strength Coach
500+ transformations


ShivaniPN Certified Nutrition Coach
500+ transformations


KannanNutrition Coach & Behavior Change Specialist500+ transformations

9 Reasons to buy

Lose weight
without losing out

  • Discover the Daily9 system of 9 rules.
  • No need to exclude any foods, learn the right balance for you.
  • Get your 2-week meal plan.

Daily tracking

  • Track habits daily in under 2 minutes
  • Score points, stay motivated
  • Get feedback via personalized reports

I lost 7 kgs in a matter of 2 months, and i highly recommend this program.

Nithya Doraiswamy

Weekly measurements

  • Track weight, chest, waist and thigh measurements each week
  • Monitor your waist-to-height ratio
  • Spot trends through customized charts

Expert coach

  • Get answers to all your questions
  • Expert tips to handle cravings & that sweet tooth
  • Upload your plates, get feedback
  • No question is silly or too small
  • Speak in emojis if you like

I tried many other diets to lose weight but could never lose more than 1 or 2 kilos, when i did D9 i lost 5 kgs.

Sandhyaa Vikram

Healthy meals & snacks (desserts too!)

  • Never run out of ideas
  • Save your favourites
  • Swiggy healthier with Daily9

With the Daily9 i lost 9 kgs and kept it off, and my shirt size went from XL to M.

Sanjay C

Exercise + Sleep

  • Get a exercise guide
  • Explore exercise videos
  • Learn & try better sleep habits

A mini Google

  • Search over 250+ articles
  • FAQ’s, exercise videos, expert tips and more
  • Get answers in seconds
  • Information you can trust

Daily9 was a completly sustainable lifestyle change for me, I totally recommend Daily9 for anybody who is tired of unsustainable diets.

Megha Janakiraman

Pick a plan for your goals

  • Switch between weight loss & maintenance
  • Pick the habits you want to work ons
  • Stay on track throughout the year


  • Join a group of like minded people
  • Share recipes, meal plates and tips
  • Get support and motivation

Frequently asked questions

Yes. You will be assigned a coach from Day 1.

You can have unlimited 1-to-1 text-chat with them in the D9 app. It works exactly like WhatsApp. You can ask questions, send your meal photos and clarify all your doubts. Your coach will track your progress and guide you throughout.

No. D9 is based on real foods and an Indian diet. No supplements are required.

For your health, your coach will sometimes make you aware of certain things you can check, e.g. vitamin D, B12 etc where you can take a test and get a supplement from your Doctor if required.

Yes. D9 works with a 100% Indian diet, whether it is South Indian, Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Bengali or another Indian cuisine.

We will mention non-Indian options but these are not necessary. It’s totally up to you. We find that most D9’ers eat a traditional Indian diet 80-90% of the time and eat non-Indian food 10-20% of the time. D9 will help you with both.

No. D9 will give you exercise ideas & options you can do at home or outdoors. No gym membership is required.

If you do have a gym membership, D9 can help you with exercise ideas you can do at the gym. You will also get ideas for the days when you don’t go to the gym.

D9 does not require you to do anything extreme or give up foods.

D9 includes all the foods you are used to eating and will show you the right balance of these foods. This ensures you can follow D9 for life while eating the foods you love. Weight loss you get this way lasts.

Yes. D9 is the only program that is built for weight loss & weight maintenance.

We know that maintaining your weight can be as hard as losing weight. Our gamified daily scoring system will help you track your daily diet, exercise & sleep throughout the year. No more big up and down changes with your weight.

Yes. You will get a 2-week meal plan based on your D9 food portions. It will show you how to implement your D9 plan.

This is not a fixed meal plan. A fixed meal plan says what exact food to have in what exact amount at what exact time. They are rigid and not practical. They do not work after a few weeks.

The D9 plan gives you flexibility. You will know exactly what foods you can eat in a day and in what quantities. Then you can decide how to split this: whether 3 meals or 5 meals a day based on what works for you. Your coach will guide you at every step.

Yes. D9 is a holistic solution for better health.

Many Doctors recommend D9 to control blood sugar, thyroid and other lifestyle diseases.

A healthy & balanced diet, regular exercise and good sleep are necessary for good health. D9 helps you with all of this. The result is improvement in many health conditions such as blood sugar and thyroid. Most importantly, you will find that you look & feel better with D9.

No. The only cost with D9 is Rs 999 per month + gst.

This is all you will pay for D9. We do not require you to buy any supplements and there are no other hidden charges.

No. We wish we could, but every person is different and results can vary.

On average, we find that people who follow D9 lose about 5% weight in 3 months. This means that if you are 80kgs, you can expect to lose about 4kgs in 3 months. Of course, this is an average.and depends on many factors including whether you have any thyroid, PCOS issues etc.

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