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Lose weight, get healthier.

Kick bad habits, get good ones.

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Welcome to the start of a life-changing journey.

Daily9 is an award winning and scientifically proven digital coaching programme that can help you improve your health, increase resilience to stress, lose weight, gain confidence and feel better than you have done in years. We do this by helping you form better habits with your diet, sleep, and exercise.

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Some of the benefits
our participants reaped!

"Sustained energy levels through the day"
"Lowered sugar levels"
"No more migraines"
"The end of acid reflux issues"

In addition to health improvements, top performers witnessed an 8-10% reduction in body weight, and a reduction of 20+ cms across chest, waist, and thigh measurements.

This is a side-effect of good health. Talk about an awesome bonus.

Are you a top performer who's willing to put in the work?

Success Stories

Dr Adil Agarwal
CEO - Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospitals Group

Daily9 has had a very positive impact on my overall lifestyle and it has directly improved my performance at work...

Sujata Vijay
Owner and Director, Bamboola Play School

I have been with the Quad from day 1, so when Daily9 was launched it was a natural extension in my fitness journey...

Rekha Sudarsan
Psychologist, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant

Helped me spruce up my perspective on healthy eating, FLC pitched in here at the right time...

Vikram V
Musician. Founder, Grey Shack.

My old clothes fit me again, I feel good. Most diets can be viewed as restrictive at best, D9 ensures it's sustainable.

Poornima A
Trainer, The Quad

I began enjoying food. I also got a better perspective about focusing on quality of sleep and training. This will remain one of the most memorable journeys in my life.

Kartik N
Head of Business Development, HSBC London

A great experience greatly helped my Swapna (my wife) who has done this before. We can't help but talk about D9 with our friends and family.

Nirmala L
Director, The Hindu

Great easy-to-do and sustainable programme that takes a person on the road to good health, better fitness and weight loss..

Zainab K
Founder, Kold Play ice-cream

D9 has been a wonderful life-changing experience. My new lifestyle has become a habit, and more so a sustainable one.

Arun Narasimhan
CTO. The Hindu Group of Publications

For the first time in a long long time (over 30 years), I have touched what I weighed during my college days.

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With Daily9 you get:

A Coach to watch, nudge and guide you

A mini Google with 250+ articles

100+ healthy meal ideas

Comprehensive activity guide for various workouts

Customized nutrition plan to suit your lifestyle

Easy-to-use chat interface to answer all your questions

Everything delivered through a state-of-the-art and customised App(See a demo)

Our Pricing

Proven, scientific system for sustainable health
for the price of your daily cup of coffee!

Special price of Rs. 8999 Rs. 4999 + GST
for 10-weeks of the best coaching out there.

With Daily9 you get:

Buy Daily9
Get ready
Receive interactive guides
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Download the daily9 app
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Take the Daily9 quiz
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Answer 9 questions daily
Track measurements weekly
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Day 63
Guide to "Life after QHP"
Go shopping for new clothes
Detailed report via email
End of Challenge
Day 70


Kannan Raman

CEO & Co-Founder

Kannan believes in using cutting-edge tech to help people see maximum benefits from small meaningful changes, without having to turn their life upside down.

• Certified Trainer and Nutrition Coach
• Behaviour Change Specialist
• Member of the Global Innovation Panel for          NNEdPro, UK.

Arvind Ashok

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Arvind has worked with 1000s of people over the past 7 years in fitness, nutrition and health, helping them find their path to sustainable, lifelong fitness and health.

• Co-Founder of The Quad
• Certified nutrition coach
• StrongFirst Instructor L2

Prof. Sumantra Ray

Sr. Scientific & Medical Advisor

Sumantra(Shumone) Ray is a UK Licensed Doctor as well as a Registered Nutritionist(Public Health), with special interests in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Medical Nutrition Education.

• Founding Chair and Executive Director of the          NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition & Health in Cambridge, UK
• Co-Founder, BMJ Nutrition, Preventional Health, British Medical Journal
• Course Director, Cambridge University

Shivani Ranganthan

Nutrition Coach

An avid reader and a former tax consultant, she realized the importance of nutrition in sustaining a healthy lifestyle at an early age. She believes in making practical and sensible decisions in developing habits that will last a lifetime.

Anupama Ganesh

Nutrition Coach

Anupama is a certified nutrition coach, with a double Masters in Genetics and Immunology from University of California, Davis. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach who has been working with clients with a variety of goals and health concerns. She also holds a certificate in 'Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity' certified by 1st4Sport and UK Coaching. Be it fat loss, strength gain, pre and postnatal mothers, or people with conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism-- Coach Anu has a broad expertise.

Why choose Daily9?

Daily9 nutrition principles have been evolved after working with 1000s of clients and also by collaborating with a leading nutrition think-tank in Cambridge, UK. Daily9 is not just any app, it's a complete solution for a healthy life and sustainable fat loss. Oh, and it’s ad-free!

Take a look at how Daily9 is the right choice.

Benefits for you



Online Info

Customizable nutrition plan

Tracking, analysis & insights

100+ healthy meal ideas

Easy-to-use chat interface

A coach to watch, nudge & guide you

Comprehensive daily activity guide

A mini-google with 250+ articles

Proven scientific research

Accessible 24x7


- Can I join the D9 programme along with a friend / family member?

Absolutely YES! In fact, we highly recommend that you do this with at least one person - more is great! Food is personal, social and cultural. No one eats alone (most of the time anyway), so why do the QHP alone?! Your QHP partner/group could be your spouse, a close friend/colleague or even all the members of your favorite Whatsapp group! We have found that this helps in having a great time during the QHP and also results in long-lasting success with fat loss and healthy living. What's not to like about that :)

- Will my D9 plan be customized for me?

YES. The plan that you will receive via the App will be specific to you based on your gender, height, weight, meal preferences etc. So for example, a man who is 40 years old, weighs 75kgs and pure vegetarian will have a different plan from a woman who is 40 years old, weights 60kgs and is non-vegetarian. Even the foods etc that you will see during the QHP will be specific to your meal choices. So if you are a vegetarian, you will not see a non-veg recipe, ever!

- Is there any one-on-one interaction?

The D9 coaches will watch, nudge and guide. We are watching every step you are taking, in a non-creepy fashion. We believe that once your customized plan is available along with all the practical information to implement it, you should be able to easily implement the program (1100+ users already have!). You will be able to reach out to the nutrition coaches' anytime via the app and clarify your questions. But as you will soon find out, you will become an expert in no time at all.

- Will this give me 6-pack abs?

It is not reasonable to expect a 6-pack for 99% of us and to get that lean requires extreme measures. The programme is not an extreme plan. It is a science-based and sustainable method for good health, and good health means we get to a leaner place (but not THAT lean). So while it will definitely help with fat loss, it is not a plan to get to six pack abs.

- I have already done the Keto / Paleo / Low carb / High fat diets. How is this different?

All of these diets have merits, no doubt. But they do have some significant limitations and will leave you with nutrient gaps. Plus, they are not sustainable over the long-term for most of us, unless those are the foods we normally eat. The D9 provides a holistic solution with the goal of meeting all the nutrient needs of your body, and a lifestyle that you can follow in the long-term.

- Will I be given an exercise plan / will specific exercises be prescribed for me?

Exercise and activity are an important part of the D9 QHP. We will guide you on the recommended level and options for exercise and provide you with a comprehensive activity guide with a variety of options, including detailed metabolic workout programs. A key goal of the D9 QHP is to make your lifestyle healthier in a simple and effective way - without turning your life upside down. You do not need to go to a gym or stick to specific workouts. We will provide you with a lot of guidance and many choices that you can pick from. Most importantly, we aim to ensure that you are able to include activity as a fun part of your daily life, and not view it as a punishment!

- Will I get a detailed day-by-day meal plan?

A meal plan that tells you precise quantities and foods to eat at specific times will not work. Our research and empirical data has confirmed this for us. One, they are impractical as how you eat will be different from how someone in your social circle will eat, or how your neighbor eats. Fitting all of you into one eating pattern is a recipe for disaster. You should continue to eat your way, and we will guide you on what "better" is. With the D9 you will get a plan customized for you. This means you will know what foods you can eat and in what quantities. We provide it in such a way that you can work with your current food preferences. We will not ask you to start shopping for new foods that you are not used to eating!