Bindhu & Somasundaram: Diet for weight loss and diabetes

Bindhu & somasundaram, a couple in their 40s, found an answer on the proper diet for weight loss and diabetes and got control over it. Read their experience.


Supporting each other, in health

Together, in health.  Bindhu and her husband, Somasundaram, decided to take up the D9 programme together.  Somasundaram is diabetic and has high blood pressure and knew that he had to take action to improve his diet and lifestyle.  Bindhu wanted to get fitter, lighter and more energetic.

They had already started working-out together at the same training facility and wanted to improve their nutrition habits too.  Along with some friends, they signed up for D9's health coaching programme (then called 'the FLC'), wanting to support each other through the process.


Somasundaram suffered diabetic and has high blood pressure and wanted to live healthier life while Bindhu wanted to feel more energetic and fitter.

Impact and Result

By the end of the first FLC, Somasundaram and Bindu had both lost more than 5% of their respective starting weights.  They loved the programme so much and felt so motivated that they signed up again a year later and saw great results once more!

Here's what Somasundaram says about the experience:

"You guys are really amazing and made me feel the same. As I am a diabetic and hypertensive I felt D9 helped me in a clean food habits with zero intake of white sugar, chocolate or any food which is sweeter other than fruit - This actually surprised me "Yes I Can" never thought before it is possible. A big shout out for this!

By this time only I have been given a 10 week fat loss challenge program as a birthday gift by my brother who is a D9er practicioner and does now also. He explained his experience about D9 FLC program, coaches, what they do, how and so on. I got impressed and wanted to try it out. So I enrolled into D9 FLC by April 22nd 2020.

In Bindhu's words:

"The D9 challenge has helped me to lose weight and reduce in inches. it made me feel light and my workouts have been easier and more effective. I feel more confident now due to D9 and this has truly been helpful and I also felt happy sharing my ways to my friends and family.

‍And regarding the D9 app, plenty of articles and explanations given in Home Center where each and every topic is clearly explained. Meals sections hold a different variety of foods to be explored. It leaves an impression to be creative by yourselves and also you can try the options of food given in this Meals section. I tried most of it and applied my taste of flavour to it and made some delicious and healthy food. My family too experienced it along with me and vice versa of trying it.

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