How Daily9 solved Gomathi's skin & weight issues

Gomathi, a working mom in her 30s, faced skin problems. Check out how Daily9 helped her with skin issues & losing 4 kgs, 20 cm through proper diet.


And solved her skin problems too!

Can you follow a low-carb/ high-fat diet for the rest of your life?  Or a juice diet?  Will you be happy saying no to your favourite foods all the time?  No.  This is why, at the Daily9, we help you build awareness on how to make healthy choices while enjoying your treats in moderation at the same time.


Lack of awareness about healthy food

Impact and Result

Gomathi found this to be a very sustainable approach.  Over the 10 weeks of the programme, not only did she lose weight and see improvement in her skin, Gomathi found that her awareness of nutrition improved and she was able to translate it to a healthier diet for her family too!

lost 4 kgs and about 20 cm

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