Jyoti, IT professional in her 40s, found her inner passion for cooking


Beating the post-pregnancy weight with healthy and delicious dishes!

Is it normal to gain weight during pregnancy?  Yes.  Is the excess weight gained going to stay with you forever?  Not necessarily.

Jyoti, IT professional in her 40s, found her inner passion for cooking


Jyoti was finding it difficult to lose the weight gained during and after her pregnancy and was looking for a solution that she could see herself sticking to.  She was quickly impressed by the simplicity of the D9 programme (then called 'Fat Loss Challenge' or 'FLC'), which did not require any extreme diet or sacrifices.  She started enjoying her food and even discovered a passion for healthy cooking - a passion that will help her continue to stick with her new habits in the future too!

Impact and Result

Jyoti ended up losing more than 10% of her initial starting weight and even went on to repeat the D9 programme a few months later, losing even more weight.

Here is what she said:

‍Before D9, I tried various things to reduce my post pregnancy weight and it was stubborn to go or stuck at some point just to return back. I was fed-up but wanted to just give a try when Quad mailed about FLC. Thankfully it’s not at all complex and was very motivated to see week on week results visible especially on weighing scale and I lost on average 1 kg per week..total 8+ kgs in 2 months in a healthy way. Absolutely no ban of certain foods, no fad diets but all about being disciplined with occasional cheating allowed

Before and After

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