Vaidya: tired of fads like keto, he found a holistic answer

Vaidya, New York-based busy professional in his 40s, found the answer after fad diets like keto & slow carb failed him. He found something far more than just a diet - a holistic lifestyle that he could follow in the long run.


Not just another diet, he found a lifestyle

There are many diets out there, but what really works is a way of eating that is sustainable and becomes part of your lifestyle.


Vaidya had tried some of the latest diets which were in the news including the keto diet and the slow carb diet but didn’t give much of significant results.

Hence main challenge was to find a suitable programme that will show best results.

Impact and Result

Vaidya managed to lose 7 kgs (He was 84 when started) and waist size reduced by 2 inches.

Here is what she said:

I loved the holistic approach to wellness by D9. I have done keto and slow carb diets in the past but D9 is not just a fad diet, it's a tool for reinforcing good habits which focuses on all aspects of the health. On the program, I managed to lose 7 kgs (I was 84 when I started) and my waist size reduced by 2 inches.

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