Vinoth: getting rid of the pot belly and extra inches

Vinoth, in his 30s, gives a detailed description of how the programme works. He was able to get rid of his pot belly, lose the extra inches and loved the support & guidance he got at every step.


He was given the Daily9 by his brother as a birthday gift!

Nothing says it better than a recommendation by a happy D9er.  Vinoth was gifted a D9 experience by his brother who had followed the D9 programme earlier.

Vinoth was encouraged by the results he saw - those steadily dropping kgs and inches. The best part: he started building better nutrition habits and his whole family benefitted from tasty and healthy dishes as he experimented more in the kitchen!

Impact and Result

He was weighing about 91.5kgs in March 2020

After taking the program his weight reduced to 82.7kgs and his abdomen size has reduced a lot.

Here is what he said:

I was weighing about 91.5kgs in March 2020. So I joined gym by March 9th 2020. But it lasted hardly just by a week duration as COVID-19 came into picture and gym was closed until an indefinite date. Due to this I started doing exercise in home. I used to play cricket for 1-1.5 hrs daily continued by 40 minutes to 1 hour of workout. I saw a mere reduction of weight but the fat in my abdomen and other areas didn't reduce at all.

By this time only I have been given a 10 week fat loss challenge program as a birthday gift by my brother who is a D9er practicioner and does now also. He explained his experience about D9 FLC program, coaches, what they do, how and so on. I got impressed and wanted to try it out. So I enrolled into D9 FLC by April 22nd 2020.

‍And regarding the D9 app, plenty of articles and explanations given in Home Center where each and every topic is clearly explained. Meals sections hold a different variety of foods to be explored. It leaves an impression to be creative by yourselves and also you can try the options of food given in this Meals section. I tried most of it and applied my taste of flavour to it and made some delicious and healthy food. My family too experienced it along with me and vice versa of trying it.

Reports section helped me to do a quick compare of results submitted on a week-by-week basis. It helped to focus on the things which needs an alternation or lookup of food intake.

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