Zainab: on losing weight even with a crazy work-life.

Zainab, busy executive in her 20s, became more aware of her nutritional choices. In spite of a very busy work schedule, she managed to make the required changes and get into a new healthy routine.


Building healthy habits even with a super hectic life

Story of Zainab who found effective way of staying healthier in hectic life in a metro city by following D9 programme


Zainab was leading an extremely busy life in Mumbai, and was not sure if she would be able to follow a 'diet', let alone build healthier habits.  She however decided that it was worth giving the D9 programme a go after having heard about it, as she recognised the importance of focussing on her health.

Impact and Result

Zainab ended up losing almost 5 kgs over the 10 weeks, but the best part is that she become so much more aware of her food habits.

Here is what she said:

Daily9 Challenge has been a wonderful and life changing experience. I am almost on the end of the challenge and I feel great and more aware of what I am eating.

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