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Science behind Daily9

Under the leadership of Professor Sumantra Ray, NNEdPro has undertaken a comprehensive review of the Daily9 app to
ensure that all aspects of the user experience are evidence-based, safe, and effective.

About NNEdPro: The Need For Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro) is an award-winning interdisciplinary
think-tank headquartered in Cambridge (UK), that focuses on nutrition education, research and innovation.

About Professor Sumantra Ray (Shumone): Shumone is the NNEdPro Founding Chair, Chief Scientist and Executive Director. He holds a number of positions including:

  • Professor of Global Nutrition, Health and Disease (P/T),
    School of Biomedical Sciences, Ulster University
  • Visiting Professor (Hon), School of Public Health,
    Imperial College London
  • Co-Founder and Chair (Hon) of BMJ Nutrition,
    Prevention and Health at the British Medical Journal

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Are you somebody who

is health conscious

wants to lose some weight

is keen to follow a scientific & structured approach

wants a practical solution that works for your busy lifestyle

while continuing to eat an Indian diet and leaving a little room for your favorite treats? If this sounds like you, we think D9 will be a good fit for you.

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