• Late 2014

    4 people connect after going through their own journeys of battling body weight, poor fitness and health issues.

    The 4 people are:

    • Arvind (ex-Software engineer)
    • Raj (ex–Medical devices)
    • Giri (ex-data analytics)
    • Kannan (ex-accountant).

    They share a common frustration:

    Why did we have to go through so much pain and frustration to lose weight & stay healthy?

    They also share a common mission:

    How can we save others from this and make it easy for them to lose weight and stay healthy?

  • Arvind, Raj, Giri & Kannan agree to work together to build a weight loss program that is scientific & sustainable. They meet once each week to brainstorm ideas.

    Early 2015
  • After rejecting many many ideas, a points system is developed for scoring that makes it simple for people to track diet, exercise and sleep. A 10-week duration is agreed for doing this.

    Late 2015
  • Jan 2016

    First pilot of the program is conducted at the gym founded by Arvind & Raj: The Quad. About 150 people sign-up! It’s called the Fat Loss Challenge (FLC)

  • April 2016

    Testimonials start pouring in with heartfelt thanks from many for making a long-help dream of weight loss a reality. We feel we are onto something here!

  • June 2016

    Kannan completes a 1-week residential Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition in Wolfson College, Cambridge (UK). It’s conducted by NNEdPro and a relationship starts.

  • Pilots continue, results are consistent and good. About 500 people have done the FLC so far.

    April 2017
  • 2018

    An app-based version of the FLC is developed. it's based on a scoring system and 9 rules.We call it Daily9

  • Oct 2018

    Daily9 formally set-up as a company with Kannan, Arvind and The Quad as founder shareholders.

  • First batch of the 10-week weight loss program starts.

    Jan 2019
  • The points-based system is further refined based on customer feedback.

    NNEdPro (link this to bottom section of testimonials) reviews the Daily9 program and confirms that it can be considered to be evidence-based, safe, and effective with a positive as well as supportive user interface.

    April 2019-June 2020
  • 2021 & 2022

    Arvind & Kannan develop a Daily9 subscription program that can be followed all-year. Goal is to achieve weight loss & weight maintenance. We do not want people losing the same weight over and over again.

Founder Story

Founder Story

Daily9 came about due to the refusal of 4 people to
accept the status quo. We looked around us and
agreed that things were NOT ok.

  • Struggling to find help to lose weight is not ok.
  • Being unable to get clear answers to diet questions is not ok.
  • Being told to do extreme diets and harming ourselves is not ok.
  • Having diabetes in your 30s or 40s is not ok.
  • PCOS, thyroid, fatty liver from excess weight is not ok.

How do we solve this?

  • Writing a blog or sharing information is not enough.
  • We had to build a solution to the problem. A solution that is based on science and works in real life.
  • We had to get results for people.
  • Kgs lost, inch loss, feeling and looking better. All of this must happen.
  • Without turning people's lives upside down. The easier we can make it, the better.

Our Values

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