A guide to the perfect breakfast for 2024

Coach Shivani
November 03,2022

Most breakfast options are like dessert these days! Or they have 3 things: carbs, more carbs, and even more carbs.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Discover simple tweaks you can make to the usual breakfast choices to take their health factor up a notch. I’ve noted breakfast options and organised them into three categories:

  • Green: high quality & nutritious, and therefore great choices to include on a daily basis.
  • Amber: not ideal, but they do have some nutrients and are ok to have sometimes.
  • Red: these are not doing much for your body, other than some damage. Give them a miss.

As far as possible, go green. If you find that you’re currently having foods that are mostly in the amber box, you’ll see that with some small adjustments you can make those green too.

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Download the high resolution PDF of A guide to the perfect breakfast : Click Here

About the Author

Coach Shivani
Shivani is a Precision Nutrition-Certified Nutrition Coach with experience of coaching thousands of women. As a mom of two, Shivani knows what it takes for women to achieve weight loss & a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise & sleep habits. She dislikes one-size-fits-all type advice.

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