The ‘Power down’ ritual you need to finish your day right

Coach Kannan
November 03,2022

Sleep is important. But we seem to think of sleep as something that just happens by itself.

The body is supposed to do this thing called sleeping whenever it is that we decide that we’re done for the day and go lie down on our bed. That could be 10 pm today, 1 am
tomorrow or something else. There’s just one problem: that’s not how the body works.

Discover how to prepare your body and mind for sleep with this ‘power down’ ritual. You’ll find it easier to fall asleep and get the well deserved zzzz’s you need.

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Download the high resolution PDF of The ‘Power down’ ritual you need to finish your day right Click Here

About the Author

Coach Kannan
Kannan is a Precision Nutrition & ISSA Certified Nutrition Coach and a ACE-Certified Behavior Change Specialist. Kannan focuses on ideas that are scientific and also work in the real world. He is allergic to advice that is unscientific or not practical.

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